The small speaker that packs a big punch.


Size Matters

List Price: $1999
Pre-Order: $1495


Powerful PA speakers don’t have to be heavy or oversized. Our speaker technology is at the heart of the experience, delivering premium sound from compact system that fit inside your car but fill the auditorium. Designed by world–renowned audio engineer Bob Carver the DeceiveOne has been fine-tuned for accurate sound, producing a balanced, natural performance.


Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 80 Hz - 44 KHz

  • SPL: 89 dB; 2.3 Volts at 1 meter

  • Power Handling: 900 Watts RMS

  • Distortion: 0% at 30 Watts; 1% at 400 Watts

  • Weight = 18 lbs

  • Measurement: 5" X 8" X 17"


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